Michele Jacobs Realty Group Testimonials

My husband & I have worked with Michele Jacobs a couple of times now and we can honestly say that she got us top dollar as promised (which really blew us away) She was there for every detail of the process and she really had our best interest at heart.

We have worked with other good realtors in the past and have interviewed quite a few but Michele surpassed them all with her knowledge & expertise. Michele is very gifted in real estate and its like 2nd nature to her...almost like she breathes real estate. Michele is a very sweet and very efficient ...she does not mess around...she is a getr-done type of person! Thanks bunches Michele Jacobs for everything! Mike & Michele Johnston

Michele Stoner Johnston

5 stars

Crystal Jewell Taylor

Michele has been my realtor for my last three real estate transactions.

Her efficiency, knowledge, care and professionalism made each and every one of the transactions PERFECT. Always looking out for my interests, Michele found my Perfect match each time! Michele can be counted on always!

Megan Diliberto

Where do I start.

..I should first say that it’s hard for me to trust people, and it’s really hard to trust them to have my best interest at heart. Because of this I was reluctant to contacting her. But after our first meeting I knew right away I wanted to work with Michele! The fact that both my husband and I felt the same way about her was even better. From beginning to end she knew exactly what she was talking about; honest and very much so an expert in her field describes Michele. She will not back down and will make a sale happen!! We worked with her on selling and buying. A great experience!!

Stace Houston

Working with Michele for years; I have had the chance to see what a truly wonderful woman she is.

She is one of the most hard working people I know, and will give all of her time and energy to her clients. She works with integrity, passion, and perseverance. She is the best of the best!

Savannah Jade

Michele is more than just a real estate agent.

Her professionalism and integrity shine and you will see that when you first meet with her. Her client’s happiness is her main goal.

Stephanie Wooten

Michele has been excellent with helping my clients sell their homes.

So professional, efficient and empathic. Her heart and her experience shows in every transaction!

Tamra Gann-Curry

Always the professional!

Michelle has been extreme helpful in leading me in real estate transactions through the years.

Karen Christy

Knowledgeable in the area works smart and hard for her client.

Loyce Ellis

5 stars

David Fulwiler

Very smooth process.

I came in during a down season, and she made the extra effort to get buyers in. Recommend

James Berry

5 stars

Lucas Noble Wright

Michele was a pleasure to work with in the sale of our home.

She was candid and accurate in her counsel to make our home stand out from the rest. Every aspect went smoothly. Thank you Michele

Leanne Panozzo

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